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Welcome to  the Body Marriage™ Programme 

Body marriage™ is a concept geared towards bringing people back to their bodies and is based on sustainable health and training.


The body is a dynamic system composed of complex thought processes, memories, emotions, muscles, joints, ligaments etc. and in order for it to function dynamically, then all these parts have to come together in a conscious union.

Body Marriage involves:

  • ​​An awareness of how we use the body, whether we are sitting or standing, lifting weights, running, or partaking in any kind of activity. 


  • Defeating instinct: When we defeat instance, we stop doing just movements and actions by automatic response and we start feeling them and taking control over how the body works in motion


  • The awareness of proper technique to reduce or totally eliminate injury and to train effectively.


  • Who we are as an individual and how we need to eat and exercise based on our body type as well realistic needs and goals. This takes us away from the usual 'bigger and better, faster and harder, muscular and more appealing ' notion of fitness as portrayed by the mainstream fitness industry. When we look at ourselves as unique individuals, this helps us to focus on whom we are, where we are in life, what we can manage in the present moment and then we can actually start to create and identify what  we actually need. The overwhelming majority of people live 'everyday' lives and therefore need to approach their fitness from this perspective so that they can be at the level, which matches their true needs.

  • Managing each phase of our life by ensuring that we adjust our fitness goals and desires in a realistic and loving way so that our health and fitness level remains attainable and therefore sustainable as our lives naturally changes, which life does. 


  • Discovering the gym inside our bodies. Our body is its own gym and is well-equipped to express itself in almost any environment, When we learn this then we can train anywhere, anytime. This is true power in sustainable. 

Body Marriage™ consists of four stages    

1.  PHASE A: Body Mapping ™


Where are you with your body? 

        Where do we start when in our work together? 



2.   PHASE B: Body Cognisance Beginner 


    Introducing and testing base movements




3.  PHASE C: Body Cognisance Intermediate


     Combining and building advanced movements




4.  PHASE D: Body Cognisance Advanced  


Sustainability within the body




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