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This part of my programme is based on mostly body-weight. This aspect of Body Marriage™ is designed to give kids a greater awareness of their body in the following ways 


  • Body type and its significance in determining their strengths and challenges in terms of specific nutritional needs and most suitable kinds of exercise. 

  • The relationship between various muscles and ligaments in the body.

  • Their uniqueness in terms of their individual capabilities and awareness of how to listen to the body when it speaks. 

  • How to push themselves healthily  when it comes to their fatigue and max level of performance.

 This aspect of my programme came about from an observation of many of my adult clients that have had major health and fitness issues, due to the limited awareness they had of themselves when they were children. I have also noted that may kids take part in sports and are trained by coaches who have no idea of the deeper aspects of the body and so many of them hurt themselves by doing movements without a foundation of consciousness. This also leads to an adult life with a host of acute injuries and decreased well-being. 


Additionally, as more and more people live in the city, there is a tendency for lifestyle to be more sedentary and therefore kids do not move a lot as naturally as they did when they had more open spaces in nature. Life is also much more technologically based and many kids spend time in front of video screens and with gadgets and that also limits their time spent moving and using their bodies.


Even if these factors of the city and technology were not present, it is vital that people, from an early age, have a vital awareness of their bodies so that health and fitness sustainability can be a deeply-emebedded approach to life. 

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