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Body Marriage 

Treatment of Scoliosis through conscious and  proactive training 

I have been working with scoliosis for the past 6 years with great success!


My first client, who has scoliosis, came to me, already in her late forties, had never worked out before, and her scoliosis had a double curve with a large hump in her back. She could not even do her gardening . Even her movement, in simply walking, was severely limited. She was also extremely fileld with fear. After working with her for just three months, she had already begun to straighten up in her posture. I the started to receive phone calls as to what I had done to make her improve and change so much in such a short space of time. 

Today, she does her gardening without any pain at all and is even doing handstands and complicated movements and has almost equal balance on both sides of her body.

This kind of progress is achievable, but requires a deep knowledge of the body and how it is affected by the scoliosis. It also requires instituting  and maintaining proper, everyday movements in order to maintain and improve the body's progress once a fitness approach has been identified and initiated.  

Body Marriage™  works with Scoliosis through: 


1. Meeting, interviewing you and examining the nature and extent of the scoliosis that is present

2. Starting with base movements to see how you handle your body and to identify the balance of strength within the muscles. 

3. Identify the core areas of weakness that need to be rectified and dealt with immediately as well as giving you information about activities and movements that should be generally avoided.

4. Wake up muscles through very close, detailed, pedagogic and repetitive work over a period of sessions so that these core areas can be strengthened. This "wake-up" period continues until you have mastered this level.

5. Build base movements for general workout patterns at the same time we are dealing with core areas of immediate concern. 

6. Getting you to do daily movements at home, even in bed, so that you can complement all that is done in our sessions together. 

7. Compiling all of the information above and then combining this with the components of the life that you live or wish to live and then using this to create your health and fitness map. This map will serve as a foundation guide for continued sustainability throughout your life.

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