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Body Cognisanse™ Sustainability
Everyday-awareness toolbox workshop and lecture
Having good, sustainable health and fitness is not only what happens when we eat right and train right but also what happens when we are aware of the small things that we do everyday.
For example: Many people in offices have jobs that require them to sit for long periods and, often, in positions that are not good, nor natural for them. This is a big issue now where people are unwell in their bodies and are unable to sustain wellness, due to these apects of their everyday situation on the job. Extreme tightness in hip-flexors, neck and back isssues are very common. 
  • What are some simple tool we can take with us in our bags or purses everyday, that help us to maintain our bodies by doing small movements and exercises several times a day? 
  • How do we position ourselves when we are stressed?
Body Cognisance™ deals with these ideas and question through workshops that teach participants how to identify and deal with these risk elements and situations in their everyday working-life and inform them as to what they can do in order to ensure that they give their body exactly what it needs while they are on the job so that they stay healthy and well in the long run.

Corporate Health and Fitness

A healthy environment is a productive one!

Body Marriage Corporate 
The role of Body Marriage™ in the workplace is multi-dimensional. We take a number of steps to make sure that this process is holisitc and effective as possible 
Step one: Body Mapping™ Corporate: 
This is where we use our tool Body Mapping™ to conduct in-depth interviews that determine the employee's health and fitness history as well as concerns or fears that they might have. We also look at the lifestyle needs as well as the phase of life that the person is now in so that we can determine what approach to take in order to meet these individuals exactly where they are. This way, the road to good health and fitness will be sustainable. 
Step two: Body Cognizance™ foundation classes 
After we have conducted Body Mapping™, we  then proceed to lay a foundation in terms of knowledge about the body, it's muscles and the relationship between them when we do movements.
These classes require mostly body-weight exercises involving base/everyday-movements such as squats and lunges, which form a part of the movement wedo everyday. These wíll be done with detailed techinque to contact muscles and avoid injury. The main focus of these classes, in the end, is to help participants to learn to feel what is happening in their bodies when they train right and do correct movements.
Our aim is that participants feel comfortable as they enter a new and sometimes overwhelming area of health and fitness for the first time. 
The great thing about these classes is that they can be held anywhere. It could be a conference room or any other room with sufficient space for movement. The classes are no bogger than 10 people so that, despite being in a group setting, each person can get sufficient attention from the instructor, while going through this important process.

It is no secret that a good physical and mental health are important aspects of our lives as human beings. 

Therefore, many companies have provided health benefits for their employees through yearly subsidies in the form of paid gym membership in order to ensure that they have a well-functioning collective environment, which is what the workplace has to be in order for it to be profitable. However, even though these benefits have been provided, very few people reeally take full advantage of them and companies lose millions in unused health-subsidies. 

We therefore use  Body Marriage™ as a channel to reach out to those who have ever used their health-subsidies and  are at health-risk because of a lack of a healthy, sustainable health and fitness lifestyle.
Body Marriage™ does not only seek to get them into the gym or elsewhere, but also to see what is preventing them from doing so. This way, we can ensure that their decision to have improve their health and fitness, will be sustainable. 



Issues we address in employee health and fitness 


1. We give confidence to those who have never worked out before and do not understand what it means and therfore lack the confidence to really do it.


2. We pull down pre-conceived , mental barriers  found in those who have never considered themselves to be 'gym-people' and thus feel they don't "belong". When they don't feel comfortable in that environment, it is often immediately overwhelming.  


3. We help them to step inside their body Many have absolutely no idea about muscle-building or fitness and what it demands in terms of understanding the muscles in the body and the accompanying eating habits and nutritional needs. They have simply never been married to their bodies or had a deeper relationship with it. 


4. We help them to understand their own, unique personal needs, in the first place, before they can take the step toward improving their well-being through good health and fitness. Without this knowledge about what they truly need, they will simply never start and can never have a programme and a plan that meets them where they are.  

Individual Body Cognisance™ sessions
For those who need more personal help on a one-and-one basis, we conduct individual sessions. These are done at our locale in the Old City (Gamla Stan).
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