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José Poleon-Henry

Body cognizance™ Expert

I am originally from jamaica, born and raised there, spending a large part of my childhood growing up in the jungle, and being one with natureMy mother and her sister are what some people would regard as being witch-doctors because of their relationship with spirituality, herbal remedies and nature. We had no electricity and no modern plumbing structures. We made our own flour, bread, cured our own meats, farmed the land with our own tools and cured ourselves when were ill. Not one person in my family, irregardless of body type, was ever overweight or ill. I was taught what to do when I got a bruise or injury as well as when I felt pains genrerally. I grew up being exposed to life in a way that many people have now lost. I remember my mom sitting and exercising her facial muscles as well as doing movements on the floor of our home, long before I knew what she was really doing. 

My childhood and upbringing in Jamaica, have therefore influenced my personal understanding and approach to health, fitness and life in a major way and also forms the root of my outlook and philosophy when it comes to working with sustainable health and fitness.


Professionally, I started out in the fitness arena as a personal trainer in Stockholm Sweden, but I soon began to realise that I worked with people in a way different way, compared to what was considered the basic, universal approach to fitness. I also realised that fitness was not simply about having clients and helping them to build muscles and look good and feel good about themselves because of that; it was a total way of life as well as an approach to oneself. I also realised that people have to be reached at a deeper level, on the interior, if lasting change and sustainability were to occur. I realised that:

  • The average person is not the top athlete or the committed, daily runner and exercise enthusiast that we see advertised. The average person struggles with health and fitness and has many fears to overcome

  • The average person goes through many changes and phases in life that are often very tough to handle. Therefore, we need to know ourselves well enough to know what we need and thus be able to relate to our bodies and know how to meet ourselves where we are, whether we are happy or depressed. 


  • It is impossible for our health and fitness level and capabilities to stay always at one level as we go through various phases of our lives.  We have to adjust our expectations realistically and lovingly as we enter into new phases of our lives. Each phase simply requires a new balance. Sometimes the thing that hold us back is not the difficulty of what we need to do, but the stress of trying to do what is not possible or realistic in a certain phase of our lives.

All of the above points led me to develop my concept Body Marriage™ in order to fill this need that was huge and unmet. 

Today, I work in Stockholm, Spain and New York, developing new and innovative training concepts, movements and approaches to sustainability in health and fitness. 

I work with private individuals as well as large and small companies, helping to restructure the health map of their workforce which, in turn leads to less sick-leave among employees, creates a more positive environment in the workplace. This ultimately leads to more profitable companies as a result. I also work quite extensively with kids to help them establish an deep awareness of their body so that they can become aware adults, capable of making balanced choices for their health and fitness needs.

"I consider what I do not just to be a career, but rather a gift and passion with much meaning, value  and purpose to reach people and change and shape their lives in a profound way."
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