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Body Marriage™ 

The Body Marriage™ programme concists of a number of phases

Body Mapping™ is the first step in this programme and involves meeting with you personally and asking a number of very important questions about your body and your goals. This step is very important because it allows you, as my client, to be faced with questions that you have perhaps never really asked yourself or never really thought about. This also provides me with the necessary infomration that I need in order to form a basic picture and platform as to whom you are. This I can use to later build on in order to effectively meet your personal needs by meeting you where you are, no matter what defines that place. 



This session is for approximately one hour:

The first 30 minutes will be spent interviewing you and  the latter 30 minutes taking your body through a series of introductory base-movements to lay a foundation for your understanding as well as seeing exactly at what level do I need to meet you.

PHASE A: Body Mapping ™ 

Where are you with your body?

Where do we start, in our work together? 

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