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Body Marriage™ 

PHASE D: Body Cognizance™Advanced

                 (The Body Marriage™Platform)


The Body Marriage™ Platform 


This is the level at which you will start feeling at ease with your body and its movements and the relationship between your muscles, after having gone through stages A, B & C and of Body Cognizance. Even though you have gone through the other levels, this level proves your inner-commitment and your ability to apply all the knowledge that you have gained and use it to make your everyday-life a picture of the person you want to become. 


 It is then at this stage that questions of sustainable health and fitness start to arise: 


1. Who are you as a person in terms of your body type? What does this body type demand in terms of your diet? What kind of exercise is best suited to this body type?


2.  What kind of life do you live and, as a result, what needs do you have when it comes to health and fitness? For example, a full-time housewife does not necessarily need to have huge muscles and go to the gym four times a week. What, then, does she truly need, considering the kind of life she lives?


3. What phase of life are you now in? Are you married, single, have the responsibilities of a hectic job? How does this phase affect your reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals in terms of the time and frequency and energy you can afford to put out?

At this stage, you also being to be empowered in deciding your base fitness level, which is the level at which you will always be healthy and balanced in each life-phase. Everything else is just a plus and a bonus. This way, even you feel that even of you may not be strong as you were in a previous life-phase, you still possess what you need in order to be satisfied and capable and balance within your body and your other demands. 


Remember that your health and fitness sustainability are directly dependent upon and measured by the reality of the phase of life that you are in. They are not based upon how you wish they would be in another situation that is not your reality.


"The Sustainability you desire to achieve in your body

often lies totally within your hands." 

                                        -----Jose Poleon-Henry-----

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