Therefore, with this project God Through Humanity, I have been given a mission to reconnect people with their humanity and remind them that it is there that we will find God.


We have not been given a mandate to define God and to go through steps and ceremonies to be "deserving" and "chosen. We were born with the right to be "chosen" and loved and love is always there waiting for us to make the choice not just to accept it but rather to live it and this is not given to us through the church or through religion, but through the journey of life and love itself.... which is where God's force and essence are found.


I hope that through my gift of music and text that I have written, I will be able to reach you and remind you of what is important and that love, which is God, is right there in your hands and is the very fabric of your existence, whoever you are, however "different" or messed up you are or wherever the path of life may lead you! When love truly enters your life because of your active choice to live, everything falls into place. This is what it means when "God guides you."

I am literally the son of a preacher man. I grew up in Jamaica within the pentecostal church arena. During this time, I was introduced to the concept of God. This was a time of true exploration during my younger years. 


However, as I grow older, I began to understand that I was in a church, as in an organisation, and this church had very selected, limited and defining beliefs about what and who this infinite God was and in these beliefs, real life and humanity was almost shunned and suffocated. I also realised that because of this, people suffered and wrestled with their humanity in ways that were dark and silent and very few understood what love really meant.


Everyone was trying to define who God is and what "he" says and how "he" thinks and what "he" hates and what "he" loves, instead of reaching out to humanity in love and then let God, which is actually love itself, do the work.  


Since then, I have sunk deep into my humanity, in all its darkness and light, joys and challenges, hope and despair; and and it is there that I have truly met God, and seen that it is truly a personally human journey.